{ Haiku for People }
haiku information and links since 1995 including a vast collection of traditional haiku

{ Aha! Poetry | Haiku }
aha poetry guide with a collection of articles on how to haiku, tips on haiku writing, haiku samples and links

{ The Art of Haiku Poetry }
the art of haiku poetry — including information on that special brazilian kind of haiku

{ The Children’s Haiku Garden }
this garden is for the haiku verses with illustrations from Japanese children and other children from the USA or other countries

{ The Haiku Society of America }
the Haiku Society of America is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1968 to promote
the writing and appreciation of haiku in English — haiku collections and contests

{ The History of Haiku }
10 haikuists and their work — from basho to koi — written by ryu yotsuya

{ Modern Haiku Magazine }
Modern Haiku magazine is a leading English language haiku magazine,
publishing haiku, haibun, senryu, essays and book reviews related to contemporary haiku

{ Cuttings: Haikus and Short Poems }
guides to internet and print haiku and poetry resources

{ Simply Haiku }
simply haiku is a magazine featuring the top Japanese short form poetry in the world. It is published once a month in electronic format


{ Haiku Forge }
moments lost in time

{ everypoet | Absurdities }
absurdities — home of the award-winning genuine haiku generator

{ crow city | haiku generator }
crow city haiku generator — oftentimes surreal and hypnagogic randomly generated haiku

{ The Random Haiku Generator }
gimme some more

{ Mind-Brain Haiku Generator }
mind-brain is dedicated to understanding the relation between mind and brain, and to using such knowledge to enhance consciousness

{ Brady Bunch Random Haiku Generator }
mom always said — never haiku in the house


{ Haiku Tunnel — An Office Comedy }
a film from sony pictures classics